The Reds®, America's best-known post-punk rock band, is launching the strongest assault on the country's corporate rock fortress ever to be seen from an American band. Their secret weapon? A nuclear bomb about to be detonated, their third and finest album, "Fatal Slide."

Like Britain's finest, the Philadelphia band has mad quantum leaps from its punk roots. It's become a musical force to be reckoned with . . . . without selling out to the flabby fat-cat highway ride of area rock.  Leader Rick Shaffer and his band could easily have compromised. Instead, The Reds®chose the tougher route, staying true to themselves, and to a clean-cut, impassioned, rockin' sound.

The Reds® are survivors. They've been through initial press put-downs, through critical kudos from The NY Times, Village Voice, Rolling Stone and Trouser Press to self-promotion and production when the crunch hit the industry.

The Reds® don't quit. They have turned whichever way possible to keep their music in front of the people. Formerly with A&M, who have just re-released the Propaganda album featuring The Reds®, Joe Jackson and The Police, the aural invasion continues with the release of "Fatal Slide."

In this age of lethargy, singer/guitarist/songwriter Rick Shaffer demands we look at ourselves. He pulls together Tom Petty's intense involvement with a detached scrutiny of today's world. The Reds® are charging the trenches. They use three or four themes in the space of four minutes. But they never ever become pompous, or sacrifice their over-riding dauntlessness. 

The Reds® . . . they force you to listen . . . . they're too good to ignore