One BC , the first solo album by Bruce Cohen, is a culmination of all his influences from Miles Davis . . . Tangerine Dream . . . Brian Eno . . . Trent Reznor, and then some.  All thrown into a blender and poured out as ambient soundscapes and grooves, it fittingly starts with Ambione  a lush soundscape that would be right at home on a Tangerine Dream album.

Now get ready to dance a groove with Shadows, a funky, faux middle-eastern slab of grease.  

Miles Davis at one time had the greatest percussionist around, Mtumeand this namesake song is for him, spatial and dramatic.  

Blues from Venus?  Well, not exactly, but Interocitor Blues  could have come from there . . . slow moving beats and cinematic strings rule the day on this one.  

We now come to Cosey, another Miles alumni, this composition reflects on the giant of a man who wielded the guitar like no one else.  Smooth, noisy and lush.  

OK, hold on, here comes Third Rail . . . for those who will, let's say, indulge, just a little psychedelic kaleidoscope of sounds.  

Now, Set The Control For The Heart of Trent Reznor in Three Forty Seven. . . a pounding percussion backed up with swaying dark sounds for those waiting for Klaatu to land.  

Next is And How, a trip-hopping movie theme, with treated Hollywood strings for the next film about demented lovers.  

Ready to go down the River Styx?  Then Stream  will provide the music for your trip, and the fog horn from hell will guide you there.  

Death in Venice  is taken from the book/movie of the same name.  Is the music heroic or sad? You decide.  A slow, hard beat drives this song along with an almost Arabic theme running through with choppy waves of sound.  

Time to get up and do the Sal Mineo Rumba, an off beat trip-hop-acid-jazz piece with deep bass a PIL fan would love, along with some white hot distorted sounds on top.  

And last, but not least, this excursion of sounds and grooves ends with a tribute to the man, Em Dee  or, in other words, Miles Davis.  An on-the-corner stomp with Eastern percussion thrown into the mix with a funky bass, and topped off with a very treated wah-organ solo inspired by the man.

One BC  has it all.  Synths, percussion, deep bass, white noise, music for film, psychedelia and funk, that will take you to unearthly destinations.  Enjoy the trip.