Beach Sloth


Rick Shaffer’s “Outside of Time” strips down rock to the absolute essentials. Reminiscent of Iggy Pop’s work and classic rock revivalists the Black Keys these are songs that demand to be played as loud as possible. Employing amazing driving rhythms and commanding vocals, everything on “Outside of Time” feels perfectly formed. By going for such a simple, direct, and downright honest approach these songs positively buzz with life. Throughout it all Rick Shaffer’s sense of play is embedded deep within every track, whether it is the handclaps of “Your Charm” or the dreamy quality of “Show Me”. 

Wasting no time at all is the insistent work of “Killer Time” which dives right into things. Infinitely catchy this is the kind of piece that embodies a pure unbridled sense of freedom. Opting for an amazing crafted piece of pop is the crazed chaotic “Going Down Slow”. Spacious in nature is the expansive work of “Blowing My Mind” whose slight psychedelic leaning work wonders. Going for a primitive kind of garage rock sound is the distorted joy of “Changing Anything”. Tense and tight with anxious energy is the rollicking “Walls of Heartache”. A hint of shoegaze defines the tender approach of “Final Surprise”. Closing the album off on a high note is the magnificent sprawl of “Hellbound Trip”.

Stylish to its very core, Rick Shaffer’s “Outside of Time” requires no embellishments it is raw, straight from the heart, visceral rock.