Strange thing, a duet who after one album on A&M, two independent albums and another on Sire/Warner Bros, lap into a brand new label, Tarock Music (this is the company's first release).  The Reds® consist of Bruce Cohen (keyboards, and Rick Shaffer (guitar & vocals), who both hail from Philadelphia, and if you were a fanatic follower of Miami Vice" you might remember their names from the music credits from numerous episodes.

This fifth album depicts the "dark side of things," a portrayal with serious undertones, painting an often frightening picture.  The duet succumbs to an egocentric discovery in these pieces.  Shaffer's voice is other worldly several times, as other worldly as the album.  There is a similarity here to "Gimme Shelter," but I don't know, something frightens me, yet attracts me at the same time.  The producer is Mike Thorne (Peter Murphy, Soft Cell, Blur, Wire).


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