In every way possible America is being slowly destroyed politically, financially, medically, socially and environmentally.  The controlled media barrages us 24/7 with nonsensical reporting of “news” that are deliberate diversion tactics meant to keep citizens from knowing exactly what is really taking place around us. 

When it’s more important to rebuild Iraq, as our own infrastructure implodes, and people go hungry every day, it’s not hard to recognize the misguided plans of the self-appointed elite.  When universal medical coverage can only be achieved if it includes tax credits for the rich there’s a major disconnect of reality. 

The middle class has, and is, systematically being destroyed by the obvious agenda of creating two classes, the super-rich and the poor.  Ask yourself which group you will become a part of in a two-class country.  Sadly, most people are more interested in social media and their cell phones than the future of our country and environment.  That is why it’s imperative that everyone in the U.S. band together to take the necessary action to “end the illusion” that this is the greatest country on the planet, when it clearly is not.  It’s time to realize it’s all just a modern lie.

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