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One of the longest lasting collaborations in Philadelphia music is that of Rick Shaffer and Bruce Cohen, collectively known as, The Reds®.  Their self-titled LP on A&M Records was an assertive statement that fit in perfectly with the era in which it was recorded.  From the beginning, Cohen and Shaffer continued to record albums, and work on numerous film and TV projects, among them contributions to the television show Miami Vice, and writing songs and score for the films, Band Of The HandManhunter, and Nightmare On Elm Street 2.

Much like XTC, The Reds® are much more a studio creation, in that the band does not perform live.  Cry Tomorrow, their new CD on Tarock Music, is the first output from the band in quite some time.  Reunited with British producer, Mike Thorne (Blur, Soft Cell, Peter Murphy), Shaffer and Cohen have crafted a disc that fuses the power of their earlier work with the development of their soundtrack work.

Cohen's keyboards are the most prominent voice in The Reds® instrumental sound, with Shaffer's guitar generally providing the momentum.  The atmosphere runs from moody to aggressive, with particular standouts being the title trace, and a lurching version of "Gimme Shelter."

Some of The Reds® material brings to mind the approach of the influential British band Killing Joke.

Frank Blank • Philadelphia City Paper


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