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With their A&M debut, The Reds®, made more than a few ripples during the early days of new wave, and then the hot and promising Philly band seemed to disappear.  But this new indie LP demonstrates that the slide wasn't fatal.  It also shows The Reds' incredible musical solidity and vitality, which has only deepened and matured.  In fact, they now truly embody the best of a modern rock 'n roll band — tight, imaginative grooves; an instrumental sense of adventure and fun; and vocal twists that are not affected, just effective.  The semi-funky title cut, the clever and tricky instrumentals on Mister Z, the hit bound catchiness of Do What You Want (which seems perfectly poised in the commercial netherland between Gang Of Four and Foreigner) and the rock hard delivery of Gone Too Far, are the best moments, but there are surely other ones just as appealing to other tastes on this vibrant disc.  

With each spin this record sounds better and better, making The Reds (once again) one of the smartest bands of the season.

 Rob Patterson, On Music & Media, 1982