INTRODUCING THE NEW

The Reds® are to these ears the best of the batch.  They've also had a lot of trouble getting radio play.  It's true that their rhythm tracks sound like exquisitely recorded white noise, and that lead vocalist Rick Shaffer is a screamer, but those are strong melody lines he's screaming, and the group's playing has an urgency and power that none of these other bands approaches.  

Unconditionally recommended.

• Robert Palmer • PENTHOUSE

NOTE: The "none of these other bands" that Mr. Palmer refers to in his Reds review in Penthouse Magazine were: The B-52's (The B-52's, Warner Bros.); The Knack (Get The Knack, Capitol); The A's (The A's, Arista); The Inmates (First Offence, Polydor); 20/20(20/20, Portrait); The Laughing Dogs (The Laughing Dogs, Columbia); The Members (At The Chelsea Nightclub, Virgin Int'l.); The Only Ones (Special View, Epic); The Pop (Go!, Arista); The Records (The Records, Virgin); The Sinceros (The Sound Of Sunbathing, Columbia); The Skids (Scared To Dance, Virgin Int'l.); The Sports (Don't Throw Stones, Arista); The Yachts (S.O.S, Polydor).